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…will gain access to the lowest latency, highest-performing research and trading infrastructure available today. Alpha Trading Labs’ fully integrated algorithmic trading platform enables you to research, code, test, analyze, and execute your strategies using nanosecond market data, powerful simulators, and low latency infrastructure. Built by industry experts with significant quantitative trading and HFT experience, you will compete at the same level as professional trading firms.


…your strategy in Python on our web-based research and simulation platform. Feature Markup Generator provides you easy analysis of signals versus markups for finding predictive factors. Automated templated model generation allows you to devise multitudes of trading models based on a set of criteria. Online model editor allows you to create your own strategies, immediately check your code for errors, and convert your code into high performance machine language for simulation and backtesting. Choose from multiple data sets, set high-resolution time frames and tweak parameters to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities only possible in smaller timeframes.


…your strategy against high-resolution market data using Alpha Trading Labs’ professional-grade simulator which appropriately simulates dynamics that occur on a high-frequency basis. Analyze your back test results, customize your view by symbol, parameter or performance. Save multiple versions of your code to optimize test results. Our team of industry experts can provide insight to improve strategy performance and help you understand market microstructure.


… with other users to test your strategies in a simulated environment. Win prizes and bragging rights. Submit outstanding strategies to our trading team for review, funding, and execution. If selected, we will deploy your strategy live within Alpha Trading Labs’ own HFT environment – a capability formerly reserved for professional traders.


The best strategies are eligible for capital allocations by Alpha Trading Labs. If your strategies are chosen for an allocation, you receive a significant share of your strategies net profits. Best of all, you own the IP. Your ideas, your strategies, our platform, and our capital.

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About Us

Alpha Trading Labs is out to democratize high-frequency trading and monetize intellectual capital by providing its community a low latency technology platform previously not available to non-professionals. We are a group of smart, motivated people with diverse backgrounds at tech startups and on Wall Street, in high-frequency trading, and in hedge funds.